We Help You Navigate the Complex World of SR&ED Tax Credits

Are you taking full advantage of Research and Development tax credit opportunities?
SR&ED tax credits can contribute significantly to your bottom line.

Global R&D Consulting Group / International Perspective...

Our proven SR&ED tax credits recovery methods set us apart from competition...

We have been providing tax credit recovery (SR&ED and RTCs) expertise to leading companies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe for over 30 years.

Our comprehensive services include: SR&ED tax credit recovery planning, claiming, training, audit and litigation support.

Our science and technology team has a proven track record of success across a broad range of industries, including:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • food processing
  • information technology
  • electronics
  • mining and forest products

Our financial and management team are seasoned professionals with years of experience in SR&ED tax credit recovery strategy and execution.

Our experts constantly monitor the latest SR&ED tax credit recovery legislation and rulings in all jurisdictions.

Our full service, no risk approach maximizes a company's SR&ED tax credit recovery with minimum financial exposure and limited disruption to its daily operation.

Maximise your SR&ED Tax Credit Potential

Global R&D specialists have helped guide many Canadian business through the process of claiming SR&ED tax credits.

  • Our consultants have many years of experience, knowledge of the regulations, and extensive experience with the audit process.
  • Our goal is to de-mystify and simplify what can be a complex and time consuming process for many companies, allowing management to focus on what's most important - their core business.
  • Our job is to ensure that our clients get their share.

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